NINJA Products

NINJA is a world leader in high pressure technology and has produced high quality air systems for several decades.

NINJA products are fully machined, assembled and tested in the USA.

High Pressure Air Systems must comply with Australian Standards AS 2030 (and several other sections) before being put into service. Each variation of NINJA tank hold Australian Work Cover - Design Registration certification. In addition, each NINJA tank imported into Australia is "stamped" and certified that it has undergone an Australian Verification process which is a requirement of Australian Standards.

NINJA are conscious of Australian compliance requirements and worked in conjunction with the Authorised Australian NINJA Distributor to ensure that the brand has undergone the correct procedures for Australian compliance.

All NINJA Air Systems that are Work Cover Certified and have undergone Australian Standards compliance will have a certification stamp on the bottle and a statement of certification will also be enclosed with the bottle itself.

Retailers interested in becoming a NINJA Stockist, should email: