Destroy one of two known locations by planting and arming a Device, then defending it for 45 seconds until detonation.

You have two minutes to prevent enemy attack at two known locations, or disarm the Device before detonation.   


  • Individual Registration: $40 per Person
  • Players will be split into equal numbers to form no more than 6 Teams
  • Each Team includes up to 5 Players
  • All Players must be over the age of 15 to participate, and be accompanied by a Playing Adult 
  • Please note that there can be no additional people at the Event. This includes no Spectators, no Friends, no Family etc. 



  • Team name on Plaque


  • Full Face Mask preferred (15, 16, 17 years must wear a Full Face Mask)
  • or if wearing Glasses/Goggles, there must be no gap between the frame and the face
  • Enclosed shoes



  • Each Event accommodates up to 6 Teams
  • Each Event will have one Winning Team
  • Each Event is made up of multiple Rounds
  • Each Round consists of 3 Matches
  • Each Match consists of 2 Games
  • Each Game plays for a maximum of 2 minutes (excludes time extension for armed Device)



    • Attendance is limited strictly to the competing Teams for that Event
    • Spectating is strictly limited to competing Teams, Staff, and Officials
    • No Spectators, family etc. allowed to remain 
    • Doors open at 1:30pm for entry
    • All Players must check in (inside the Shop) immediately on entry
    • All Players must be present for the mandatory briefing at 2:00pm



    Each Event is made up of multiple Rounds, with each Round consisting of multiple Matches.


    Each Match is made up of 2 Games, which will see two Rostered Teams competing against each other


    Each Team will be assigned their Role of ‘Offence’ or ‘Defence’ before each Game and will compete to establish a Winner.

    • Each Game plays for 2 minutes (excludes time extension for Armed Device)
    • Offence objective is to (1) place, arm, and detonate the Device
    • Defence objective is to (1) disarm the device and/or (2) eliminate all enemy Players
    • The Team which achieves the objective, wins the Game.
    • A Game Point is allocated for each win.



    • A Game Point is allocated to the winning Team of that Game.
    • A tally of Points will be kept and referred to at the end of the Event to qualify a Winner.
    • In the event of a Draw, the Teams on equal Points will compete in a single Game(s) until there can be deemed a Winner.


    • Each Team is allowed up to 5 Players.
    • If a Player is injured or removed by Penalty, the Event proceeds and the Team plays on, less Player(s).



    • Team commences as specified by the Referee


    • Teams must start from within the Spawn Point
    • Any Player who starts the Game prematurely, will be penalised and remain in the Spawn Point for the remainder of that Game


    • AEG or GBB gel blasters only - no HPA
    • Semi Fire (single shot) only 
    • Only one Primary mag-fed Blaster – per Player – allowed on the field
    • Only one mag fed Secondary Blaster (standard mag capacity/no modifying/no adaptors) – per Player – allowed on the field
    • Only one (gel ball filled) Grenade – per Team – is allowed on the field
    • All types of water-grown gels available commercially in Australia, are acceptable
    • No gas to be taken on the field. All mag fills are to be done in the staging area.
    • No lights/torches
    • No lasers
    • No drum mags
    • No hopper-fed blasters
    • No blind firing
    • No over shooting
    • If your blaster fails or isn’t operational, the Game(s) and Match plays on
    • No “surrenders” or “bang-bangs”
    • No melee weapons
    • No riot shields/shields



    • Hit = a gel that has exited a blaster and made a direct hit with a Player and/or
    • Any direct bodily contact with a gel is considered a Hit - this includes anything attached to a Player (excluding the blaster)
    • Blaster Hits do not count
    • Ricochets/bouncing gels do not classify as a direct Hit
    • Hits are signalled from Players by raising their hand/Blaster and moving quickly (and remaining) within their Spawn area – a Yellow/Red Card applies to Players not calling their Hit and/or not moving quickly to and/or remaining within the Spawn area
    • Hit Players cannot communicate (by any means) with other Players
    • If opposing Players shoot each other at the same time (Trade) both Players are out - "forced" trades will not be tolerated
    • No “surrenders” or “bang-bangs”
    • No melee kills – see what defines a “Hit” as above



    • The Device must be placed and armed as indicated
    • The Device must be disarmed as indicated
    • Do not throw the Device – this will incur a Team Penalty


    • All Players are to assume that there is live audio and video footage being recorded at all times
    • Keep off Channel 57 – this is the Staff Channel
    • Any Player who behaves inappropriately - on and off the field - may be removed from the competition



    • A Penalty can be applied to the Player and/or the Team
    • Penalties apply to the Game in play, and do not carry over to other Games or Matches – with the exclusion of Violence or Misconduct
    • In all cases, a Red Card ends the Game in play and the opposing Team Wins that Game
    • Yellow Card = first Penalty
    • Red Card = Second Penalty (or as described further under Team Penalties)


    Team Penalties:

    • Player not calling a Hit, intentional or otherwise
      • Yellow Card
      • Red Card (automatic Red Card if it’s while disarming the Device)
    • Weapon violation e.g. blind firing, over shooting, prohibited item
      • Yellow Card
      • Red Card
    • Failure to move quickly and/or remain at Spawn Point
      • Yellow Card
      • Red Card
    • Device Violation
      • Yellow Card
      • Red Card
    • Violence and/or Misconduct
      • Red Card
    • Serious Violence and/or Serious Misconduct
      • Removal of Player/Team from Game/Match/Round/Season


    Player Penalties:

    • Premature Start
      • Player to remain in Spawn for that Game



    • Referees decisions are final
    • Do not engage with a Referee during a Match – this is deemed as Misconduct
    • The Team Captain may approach the Head Referee for 1 minute following a Match with any queries/concerns
    • Do not engage with a Referee privately after the event to discuss particulars of the Game/Match/Round/Season – instead contact Hardcore Blasters



    Hardcore Blasters
    phone: +61 7 3505 5960
    email: tangokilooperations@outlook.com
    website: www.hardcoreblasters.com.au
    facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hardcoreblastersfield
    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/hardcore_blasters