Destroy one of two known locations by planting and arming a Device, then defending it for 45 seconds until detonation.

You have two minutes to prevent enemy attack at two known locations, or disarm the Device before detonation.   


  • Team Registration: $200 per Team, per Event
  • Individual Registration: $40 per Person, per Event (individual registrations will be grouped with others to form a Team)
  • Each Team includes up to 5 Players
  • All Players must be over the age of 15 to participate, accompanied by a playing adult
  • A Player can only compete with one Team per Event
  • Please note that there can be absolutely no additional people at the Event, this includes no substitute Players, no Spectators, no Friends, no Family etc.



  • $200 AUD per Team of 5 ($40 per Player)
  • Team name on Plaque


  • Full face mask preferred
  • or if wearing Glasses/Goggles, there must be no gap between the frame and the face
  • Enclosed shoes



  • Each Event allows up to 6 Teams to enter
  • Each Event will have a Winning Team
  • Each Team is made up of 5 Players
  • Each Event includes 5 Rounds
  • Each Round includes 6 Teams
  • Each Round consists of 3 Matches
  • Each Match consists of 2 Games
  • Each Game plays for a maximum of 2 minutes (excludes time extension for armed Device)


Hardcore Search & Destroy Event is held Monthly as follows:

  • MAY
  • JUNE
  • JULY


Each Event is held on a Sunday evening

  • Attendance is limited strictly to the competing Teams for that Event
  • Spectating is strictly limited to competing Teams, Staff, and Officials
  • Doors open at 5:30pm for entry
  • All Players must check in (inside the Shop) immediately on entry
  • All Players must be present for the mandatory briefing at 6:00pm
  • The Event commences at 6:00pm


Each Event is made up of 5 Rounds, with each Round consisting of 3 Matches.

  • Every Team will compete in each Round throughout the evening


Each Match is made up of 2 Games, which will see two Rostered Teams competing against each other

  • Each Team will compete in multiple Matches throughout the evening, versing every Team as both Offence and Defence.


Each Team will be assigned their Role of ‘Offence’ or ‘Defence’ before each Game and will compete to establish a Winner.

  • Each Game plays for 2 minutes (excludes time extension for Armed Device)
  • Offence objective is to (1) place, arm, and detonate the Device
  • Defence objective is to (1) disarm the device and/or (2) eliminate all enemy Players
  • The Team which achieves the objective, wins the Game.
  • A Game Point is allocated for each win.


  • A Game Point is allocated per Game.
  • A tally of Points will be kept and referred to at the end of the Event to qualify a Winner.
  • In the event of a Draw, the Teams on equal Points will compete in a single Game(s) until there can be deemed a Winner.


  • Each Team is allowed up to 5 Players.
  • No Substitute Players are allowed.
  • If a Player is injured or removed by Penalty, the Event proceeds and the Team plays on, less Player(s).
  • A Player cannot be a part of more than one Team at the Event



  • Verbal Team Ready Warning
  • Team commences as specified by the Referee


  • Teams must start from within the Spawn Point
  • Any Player who starts the Game prematurely, will be penalised and remain in the Spawn Point for the remainder of that Game


  • Only one Primary mag fed Blaster – per Player – is allowed on the field
  • Only one mag fed Secondary Blaster (standard mag capacity/no modifying/no adaptors) – per Player – is allowed on the field
  • Only one (gel ball filled) Grenade – per Team – is allowed on the field
  • All types of water-grown gels available commercially in Australia, are acceptable
  • 330fps limit
  • Tapped gas e.g. a line running to a tank (of anything other than air) is prohibited
  • No tank refills anywhere onsite – including via your own equipment
  • All air tanks must display Australian certification
  • No lights/torches
  • No lasers
  • No drum mags
  • No hopper-fed blasters
  • No blind firing
  • No over shooting
  • If your blaster fails or isn’t operational, the Game(s) and Match plays on
  • No “surrenders” or “bang-bangs”
  • No melee weapons
  • No riot shields/shields



  • Hit = a gel that has exited a blaster and made a direct hit with a Player and/or
  • Any direct bodily contact with a gel is considered a Hit - this includes anything attached to a Player (excluding the blaster)
  • Blaster Hits do not count
  • Ricochets/bouncing gels do not classify as a direct Hit
  • Hits are signalled from Players by raising their hand/Blaster and/or calling “hit” and moving quickly (and remaining) within their Spawn area – a Yellow/Red Card applies to Players not calling their Hit and/or not moving quickly to and/or remaining within the Spawn area
  • Hit Players cannot communicate (by any means) with other Players
  • If opposing Players shoot each other at the same time (Trade) both Players are out
  • No “surrenders” or “bang-bangs”
  • No melee kills – see what defines a “Hit” as above



  • The Device must be placed and armed as indicated
  • The Device must be disarmed as indicated
  • Do not throw the Device – this will incur a Team Penalty


  • All Players are to assume that there is live audio and video footage being recorded at all times
  • Keep off Channel 57 – this is the Staff Channel
  • Any Player who behaves inappropriately - on and off the field - may be removed from the competition



  • A Penalty can be applied to the Player and/or the Team
  • Penalties apply to the Game in play, and do not carry over to other Games or Matches – with the exclusion of Violence or Misconduct
  • In all cases, a Red Card ends the Game in play and the opposing Team Wins that Game
  • Yellow Card = first Penalty
  • Red Card = Second Penalty (or as described further under Team Penalties)


Team Penalties:

  • Player not calling a Hit, intentional or otherwise
    • Yellow Card
    • Red Card (automatic Red Card if it’s while disarming the Device)
  • Weapon violation e.g. blind firing, over shooting, prohibited item
    • Yellow Card
    • Red Card
  • Failure to move quickly and/or remain at Spawn Point
    • Yellow Card
    • Red Card
  • Device Violation
    • Yellow Card
    • Red Card
  • Violence and/or Misconduct
    • Red Card
  • Serious Violence and/or Serious Misconduct
    • Removal of Player/Team from Game/Match/Round/Season


Player Penalties:

  • Premature Start
    • Player to remain in Spawn for that Game


  • Referees decisions are final
  • Do not engage with a Referee during a Match – this is deemed as Misconduct
  • The Team Captain may approach the Head Referee for 1 minute following a Match with any queries/concerns
  • Do not engage with a Referee privately after the event to discuss particulars of the Game/Match/Round/Season – instead contact Hardcore Blasters



Hardcore Blasters
phone: +61 7 3505 5960
email: tangokilooperations@outlook.com
website: www.hardcoreblasters.com.au
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hardcoreblastersfield
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/hardcore_blasters