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  • 12 Teams can register per Season
  • $300 Registration per Team per Season
  • Each Team allows six Players: five on field, plus one substitute Player
  • All Players must be over the age of 13 to participate, with a maximum of two Players under the age of 18


  • $1,200 AUD
  • Team Trophy
  • Prize Bags
  • Team name on the Hardcore Speedball Plaque
  • Season Winner Jerseys


  • Full face mask
  • Closed shoes
  • Team attire (of matching style/colours)


  • Only one Blaster per Player is allowed on the field
  • No sharing of equipment on the field
  • All types of water-grown gels available for sale in Australia, are acceptable
  • No FPS limit
  • Semi auto only i.e. one trigger pull = one shot (feathering OK)
  • Tapped gas e.g. a line running to a tank (of anything other than air) is prohibited
  • One air tank per person on field
  • Air tanks must be Australian stamped
  • No air tank refills onsite – including via your own equipment
  • No DIY, once-off, or prototype HPA products – must be commercially available in Australia – see Staff for further clarification
  • No blind firing
  • If a blaster is supposed to have a stock (or it is not a pistol) then it must be shouldered – grip style air tanks (i.e. Eurotactics) can be shouldered in place of stock
  • No torches or lasers
  • All blasters must have trigger guard
  • Double/extended triggers are not allowed
  • No drum mags
  • No mag couplers
  • No modified magazines
  • Rifles = stock magazine capacity only (excludes drum magazines)
  • Pistols = extended pistol mag allowable (including adapted M4 magazine) but no DIY
  • No limit on total number of mags, but they must be on your person – no refills/top-ups during a Match, no sharing mags on the field, and if a mag is on the ground it is no longer “on your person” and you will be penalised for picking it up
  • If your blaster fails or isn’t operational, the Game(s) and Match plays on


  • Each year consists of 5 Seasons
  • Each Season has a Winning Team
  • Each Season is made up of 12 Teams
  • Each Team is made up of 6 Players (5 + 1 Sub)
  • Each Season consists of 8 Rounds
  • Each Round includes 3 or 4 Rostered Teams
  • Each Round consists of 6 Matches (excludes Grand final)
  • Each Match consists of 3 Games (Grand Final is 5 Games)
  • Each Game plays for a maximum of 3 minutes


Hardcore Speedball League is held over five Seasons per annum, with each Season lasting eight weeks.

  • Season 1 - FEB/MAR
  • Season 2 - APR/MAY
  • Season 3 - JUN/JUL
  • Season 4 - AUG/SEP
  • Season 5 - OCT/NOV


Each Season is made up of 8 Rounds, to be held weekly of a Wednesday evening 7:00pm-8:30pm AEST

  • Attendance is limited strictly to the competing Teams for that Round
  • Spectating is strictly limited to competing Teams, Staff, and Officials
  • Players are expected to arrive from 6pm, and be ready for the mandatory briefing at 6:40pm


Each Round is made up of 6 Matches, which sees each of the Rostered Teams competing against each other

  • Each Team will compete in multiple Matches throughout the evening
  • The winning Team of a Match is defined by winning the most Games of that Match.
  • In the event of a draw, overall Points will be calculated from all three Games of the Match to determine the Match Winner
  • The winning Team of a Match receives 1 Point
  • The Teams with the highest Match Points at the end of the evening, move forward and will play in a future Round
  • Only 2 Teams can move forward from each Round (excl. Grand Final)


Each Match of 2 Teams versing, is played out over 3 Games, with the exception of the Grand Final which is played out over 5 Games

  • Each Game plays for no longer than 3 minutes
  • The Team who hangs the flag wins the Game
  • Points are also scored per Game, and if no Team hangs the flag, the Team with the highest points wins the Game – if equal points, Teams draw
  • All 3 Games will be played even if a Team has already won 2/3 Games


  • Each Team is allowed 5 Players on the field and 1 Substitute Player who is to remain off the field
  • Substitutions are allowed before/after each Match, but not during, unless in the case of an injury
  • If an injured player utilises a Substitute Player during a Match, then the injured Player is not allowed to return to participate in later Matches within the same Round


  • 100 Points per Game (115  Points max with Bonus)
  • 25 Points First Flag Possession
  • 50 Points Flag Hang (Ends the Game)
  • 5 Points for each Player eliminated (5 players = 25 pts max)
  • Bonus 15 Points awarded if the flag is hung with at least one opposing player not eliminated


  • Teams will be provided with a Program, and expected to be ready to enter the Field
  • Verbal Team Ready Warning
  • Once the Field Gate is shut, a Player can no longer enter
  • Once the Field Gate is shut, it cannot be exited by a Player during a Match without Referee instruction/approval


  • Teams Break from a starting Breakout Wall
  • One foot and the blaster muzzle must be touching the starting wall until the Referee commences the Game
  • Players to Break on the word “Go”
  • An Early Break is defined by a blaster muzzle and/or Player’s foot breaking contact from the Breakout Wall once the countdown has started, but before the Referee has announced “Go”
  • An Early Break will incur a Penalty deduction of 50 points and a Yellow Card


  • Hit = a gel that has exited a blaster and made a direct hit with a Player
  • Any direct bodily contact with a gel is considered a Hit - this includes anything attached to a Player (excluding the blaster)
  • Blaster Hits do not count
  • Ricochets/bouncing gels do not classify as a direct Hit
  • Hits are signalled by Players by raising their hand/Blaster and moving (and remaining entirely) behind the Breakout Wall – a Yellow/Red Card applies to Players not calling their Hit and/or not moving quickly behind and/or remaining behind the Breakout Wall
  • Hit Players cannot communicate (by any means) with other Players
  • If opposing Players shoot each other at the same time (Trade) both Players are out
  • No “surrenders” or “bang-bangs” or shoulder taps
  • No melee kills or throwing gels – see what defines a “Hit” as above


  • When the Flag is in possession, it must be held in your hand
  • After possession, the Flag may be dropped intentionally on the field or passed to other Players via direct transfer (no throwing the Flag)
  • If a Player gets hit with the Flag in possession, the Flag must be dropped immediately (within 1 metre of hit location)
  • A late flag drop will incur a Penalty deduction of 25 Points and a Yellow/Red Card


  • All Players are to assume that there is live audio and video footage being recorded at all times
  • Any Player who behaves inappropriately - on and off the field - may be removed from the competition 


  • A Penalty is applied to the Team, not the Player
  • Penalties apply to the Game in play, and do not carry over to other Games or Matches
  • In all cases, a Red Card ends the Game in play and the opposing Team Wins that Game
  • A Red Card reduces any accrued Points from that Game to 0
  • Yellow Card = first Penalty
  • Red Card = Second Penalty (or violence/misconduct)
  • Not calling a Hit, intentional or otherwise
    • Yellow Card (and 25 Point deduction)
    • Red Card
  • Blaster violation e.g. not running semi, not shouldering, mag violation
    • Yellow Card
    • Red Card
  • Failure to move quickly and/or remain behind the Breakout Wall
    • Yellow Card
    • Red Card
  • Early Break
    • Yellow Card (and 50 Point deduction)
  • Late Flag Drop
    • Yellow Card (and 25 Point deduction)
    • Red Card
  • Violence and/or Misconduct
    • Red Card
  • Serious Violence and/or Serious Misconduct
    • Removal of Player/Team from Game/Match/Round/Season


  • Referees decisions are final
  • Do not engage with a Referee during a Match – this is deemed as Misconduct
  • Referees or Staff are available for discussion in person at the event before/after the Match
  • Do not engage with a Referee privately after the event to discuss particulars of the Game/Match/Round/Season – instead contact Hardcore Speedball
  • Hardcore Speedball can be contacted:
    phone: +61 7 3505 5960
    facebook message: