SEASON 1, 2024



  • 6 Teams can register per Season
  • $350 Registration per Team per Season
  • Each Team is allowed six Players per Round: five on field, plus one substitute Player
  • All Players must be over the age of 13 to participate, with a maximum of two Players under the age of 18 – Hardcore Speedball reserves the right to accommodate differently at their discretion



EVERY PLAYER of every registered Team

  • $35 Hardcore CQB Entry Gift Card


  • Prize Bags for every Player


  • Team Trophy
  • Season Flag
  • Team name on the Hardcore Speedball Plaque
  • Season Winner Jersey for every Player
  • Prize Bags



  • Full face mask
  • Closed shoes
  • Team attire (of matching style/colours)



  • Only one Gel Blaster per Player is allowed on the field
  • No sharing of equipment on the field
  • All types of water-grown gels available for sale in Australia, are acceptable
  • No FPS limit
  • Semi auto only i.e. one trigger pull = one shot (feathering OK – no walking the trigger)
  • Tapped gas e.g. a line running to a tank (of anything other than air) is prohibited
  • One air tank per person on field
  • Air tanks must be Australian stamped
  • No DIY, once-off, or prototype HPA products – see Staff for further clarification
  • If a blaster is supposed to have a stock (or it is not a pistol) then it must be shouldered – grip style air tanks (i.e. Eurotactics) can be shouldered in place of stock
  • No torches or lasers
  • All blasters must have trigger guard
  • Double/extended triggers are not allowed – no walking trigger
  • No drum mags
  • No mag couplers
  • No modified magazines
  • Rifles = stock magazine capacity only (excludes drum magazines)
  • Pistols = extended pistol mag allowable (including adapted M4 magazine) but no DIY
  • No limit on total number of mags, but they must be on your person – no refills/top-ups during a Match, no sharing mags on the field, and if a mag is on the ground it is no longer “on your person” and you will be penalised for picking it up
  • If your blaster fails or isn’t operational, the Game(s) and Match plays on
  • You may place your Blaster on the ground, and pick it back up – anything else will be confiscated for that Match.



  • Each year consists of 2 Seasons
  • Each Season has a Winning Team
  • Each Season is made up of 9 Teams
  • Each Team is made up of 6 Players (5 + 1 Sub)
  • Each Season consists of 10 Rounds
  • Each Round includes 3 or 4 Rostered Teams (excluding Losers Bracket & Grand Final)
  • Each Round consists of 6 Matches (excluding Losers Bracket & Grand final)
  • The Losers Bracket includes the 5 Teams who were eliminated from Rounds 1,2,3,4,5 and runs on a Double Elimination format.
  • Each Match consists of 3 Games - Grand Final is 5 Games
  • Each Game plays for a maximum of 3 minutes



Hardcore Speedball League is held over two Seasons per annum, with each Season lasting ten weeks.

  • Season 1 – MAR/APR/MAY
  • Season 2 – AUG/SEP/OCT



The Season is made up of 7 Rounds, to be held weekly of a Wednesday evening 7:00pm AEST

  • Doors open to Players at 6pm
  • Doors open to Spectators at 6:30pm
  • Players are expected to be ready for the mandatory briefing at 6:45pm



Each Round is made up of 6 Matches which sees each of the Rostered Teams competing against each other

  • Each Team will compete in multiple Matches throughout the evening
  • The winning Team of a Match is defined by winning the most Games of that Match.
  • In the event of a draw, overall Points will be calculated from all three Games of the Match to determine the Match Winner, except if one of the Games has ended due to Red Card stoppage – that Game will automatically go to the opposing Team with no need to count Points for that Game.
  • The winning Team of a Match receives 1 Point
  • The (one, or) two Teams with the highest Match Points at the end of the evening, move forward and will play in a future Round.
  • Only (one, or) two Teams can move forward from each Round (except for the Grand Final)
  • In the event of a Match Point tie, the Points from all Games of that Round will be calculated, and the two Teams with the highest number of Points, move through. If there is a draw on the overall Game Points, we move to a single Game to determine the Winner.



Each Match of 2 Teams versing, is played out over 3 Games, with the exception of the Grand Final which is played out over 5 Games

  • Each Game plays for no longer than 3 minutes
  • The Team who hangs the flag wins the Game – unless a Penalty occurs immediately before/after
  • Points are also scored per Game, and if no Team hangs the flag, the Team with the highest points wins the Game – if equal points, Teams draw
  • All 3 Games will be played even if a Team has already won 2/3 Games



  • Each Team is allowed 5 Players on the field and 1 Substitute Player who is to remain off the field
  • Team Players are required to be in matching Team attire or have made a clear attempt to match e.g. yellow Team jerseys, and a Players is wearing a yellow shirt, this includes a Substitute.
  • Substitutes must be registered as a member of the Team by 6:45pm
  • Substitutions during Game play are allowed before/after each Match, but not during, unless in the case of an injury
  • If an injured player utilises a Substitute Player during a Match, then the injured Player is not allowed to return to participate in later Matches within the same Round



  • 100 Points per Game (115 Points max with Bonus)
  • 25 Points First Flag Possession
  • 50 Points Flag Hang (Ends the Game)
  • 5 Points for each Player eliminated (5 players = 25 pts max)
  • Bonus 15 Points awarded if the flag is hung with at least one opposing player not eliminated
  • 50 Points if opposing Team receives a Red Card (in place of Flag Hang)



  • Teams will be provided with a Program, and expected to be ready to enter the Field accordingly
  • Once the Field Gate is shut, a Player can no longer enter
  • Only an active Referee/Staff Member can open and shut the gate


  • Teams Break from a starting Breakout
  • One foot and the blaster muzzle must be touching the starting wall until the Referee commences the Game
  • Players to Break on the word “Go”
  • An Early Break is defined by a blaster muzzle and/or Player’s foot breaking contact from the Breakout Wall once the countdown has started, but before the Referee has announced “Go”
  • An Early Break will incur a Penalty deduction of 50 points and a Yellow Card



  • Hit = a gel that has exited the blaster of a Live Player, and made a direct hit with a Player
  • Any direct bodily contact with a gel is considered a Hit, and this extends to include anything attached to a Player, including the blaster
  • Blaster Hits count
  • Ricochets/bouncing gels do not classify as a direct Hit
  • Hits are signalled by Players by raising their hand or blaster and/or ceasing fire and  moving directly (and remaining entirely) within the dead zone – a Yellow/Red Card applies to Players not calling their Hit and/or not moving quickly behind and/or remaining within the dead zone 
  • Hit Players cannot communicate (by any means) with other Players
  • If opposing Players shoot each other at the same time (Trade) both Players are out
  • If a Player is Hit and attempts to “force a trade” by shooting their opponent after they’ve been Hit, the Player will receive a Yellow/Red
  • If a Player is Hit and attempts to continue to Hit other Players, the Player will receive a Yellow/Red
  • No “surrenders” or “bang-bangs” or shoulder taps
  • No melee kills or throwing gels – see what defines a “Hit” as above
  • No blind firing



  • When grabbing the Flag, it must be grabbed and held in your hand
  • After clear possession, the Flag may be dropped intentionally on the field or passed to other Players via direct hand transfer - no throwing the Flag, including to another Player
  • If a Player gets hit with the Flag in their possession, the Flag must be dropped immediately (within 1 metre of hit location)
  • A late Flag drop will incur a Penalty deduction of 25 Points and a Yellow/Red Card



  • All Players are to assume that there is live audio and video footage being recorded at all times, both by the competition, by other Players, and by Spectators
  • Any Player who behaves inappropriately - on and off the field - may be Penalised by way of Warning or Game Penalty and/or removed from the competition



  • A Penalty is applied to the Team, not the Player – except some cases of Misconduct
  • Penalties apply to the Game in play, and do not carry over to other Games or Matches – except some cases of Misconduct
  • In all cases, a Red Card ends the Game in play. Sometimes the Red Card is used to stop the Game due to Time. If the Red Card is thrown by way of Penalty, the opposing Team Wins that Game
  • A Red Card voids any accrued Points from that Game, and instead will be replaced with a total of -50. The opposing Team will receive +50 Points for a Flag Hang.
  • Yellow Card = first Penalty
  • Red Card = Second Penalty (or misconduct)
  • Not calling a Hit, intentional or otherwise
    • Yellow Card (and 25 Point deduction)
    • Red Card
  • Blaster violation e.g. not running semi, not shouldering, mag violation etc.
    • Yellow Card
    • Red Card
  • Failure to move quickly and/or remain in the dead zone
    • Yellow Card
    • Red Card
  • Early Break
    • Yellow Card (and 50 Point deduction)
  • Late Flag Drop
    • Yellow Card (and 25 Point deduction)
    • Red Card
  • Misconduct
    • Yellow/Red Card
    • Red Card
  • Serious Misconduct
    • Removal of Player/Team from Game/Match/Round/Season



  • Do not engage with a Referee during a Match – this is deemed as Misconduct
  • Captains are to engage with the Head Ref on the field immediately following their Match – this is an opportunity for the Head Red to advise of any particular concerns and/or for the Captain to address their concerns
  • Do not engage with a Referee privately after the event to discuss particulars of the Game/Match/Round/Season – instead contact Hardcore Speedball
  • Hardcore Speedball can be contacted:
    phone: +61 7 3505 5960
    email: tangokilooperations@outlook.com
    facebook message: facebook.com/hardcorespeedball
    Instagram message: Instagram.com/hardcorespeedball









      1.0 Rights

      1.01 Individual Rights

      Hardcore Blasters recognises the individual’s right to make decisions in respect to their own person.

      1.02 Players Rights

      However, any individual, as part of a team should recognise and respect the rights of all players to participate in the spirit of fair competition.

      1.03 Players Decisions

      Hardcore Blasters will not make any recommendations to condone the continuance in the Sport if a player is pregnant. That decision shall be entirely for the player, and based on medical advice. Doctor's opinions should always be sought so as informed decisions can be made.

      2.0 Advice

      2.01 Medical

      Hardcore Blasters recommends that each individual player who is pregnant should seek medical advice in respect to their own medical position and the medical position of the unborn child.


      Hardcore Speedball can be contacted:
      phone: +61 7 3505 5960
      email: tangokilooperations@outlook.com
      facebook message: facebook.com/hardcorespeedball
      Instagram message: Instagram.com/hardcorespeedball